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Florida Sketchbook - Part 1

It was early and still raining when we arrived at LAX. While we waited for our delayed flight (that was ultimately cancelled), I sketched the view from the waiting room. The trip was packed with delays, which allowed many opportunities to sketch the changing scenes and subjects including the control tower, the waiting room in Houston and the collection of regional jets waiting for passengers as it continued raining into the night. I did my traditional one-point perspective sketch of the view from the back of the plane. The last few sketches are of the house where we stayed, a freighter docked in Pensacola, and an old camping trailer. I had forgotten to pack a tube of white paint, and had a difficult time finding a store that carried art supplies. I finally found some, at a hardware store, in a display rack next to some fishing tackle. Next up will be scenes from our trip to New Orleans.

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