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Florida Sketchbook - Part 2

We packed up and headed out to New Orleans for the weekend. It was a rainy Saturday morning. I was a passenger for once, so I had the opportunity to do some sketching during the ride. We went from Pensacola, through Alabama and Mississippi, and over and around bays, lagoons and waterways before finally arriving in the heart of the city where we checked in, ate lunch, and wandered around the French Quarter. We stopped at the Cigar Factory where I smoked a cigar, watched the rollers and did a quick sketch. It was getting late when I wandered over to the banks of the Mississippi and did a few quick sketches of the barges, tankers and cruise ships floating past. Finally, I made a very loose sketch (redone from the original overworked attempt) of the street, bathed in the afternoon light. After the sun set we wandered over to Jackson Square where I did a sketch of the church that was hosting a Saturday night wedding.

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