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Florida Sketchbook - Part 3

I ended up filling a complete sketchbook on this trip, using both sides of most of the pages. The last blog post concluded with a night scene of a church in Jackson Square, where a wedding was taking place. After that, we wandered back through the throng of Mardi Gras celebrants to our hotel, and our room on the 8th floor, where I did my last sketch of the day, an intersection illuminated by street lights far below. There wasn’t much time for sketching on Sunday, just a view of patrons lined up for some Beignets at Cafe Dumonde, and some night time views from the freeway on our return journey, showing the traffic and the lights across the bay.

Monday was a travel day, which means waiting and time for sketching. I have included here scenes out on the tarmac, the view from inside the plane, an aerial view as we approached Houston, and a few more quick studies of planes getting ready to depart. We took off just as the sun was setting, so I grabbed a final view of the rush hour traffic moving along the grid of streets and highways, and the orange glow of the sun just dipping below the horizon.

All of these sketches were done with a Sanford Uniball Micro sketching pen, a Pentel Sign Pen, and Holbein transparent watercolor with accents of Titanium White, in a 6” x 9”, Stillman & Birn Beta Series watercolor sketchbook.

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