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Los Angeles Sketchbook

For a few years now I have been working on my next book entitled Los Angeles Sketchbook. It will be similar to both of my previous sketchbooks: Pasadena Sketchbook, and Redlands Sketchbook, and will be filled with sketches and paintings of Los Angeles. I am currently preparing new images, and continuing to rework previously done paintings. This post contains a few of my most recent works. Some are still being refined. The majority of the paintings are 11” x 14”. A few are 14” x 20”. There will be some Los Angeles River sketches that are 8” x 22” and will span an entire spread.

Most of the paintings for the book have been completed, as is much of the copy, and am currently searching for a publisher.

1. The 101 Freeway onramp, at the beginning of a road trip up north.

2. A freight train rumbles under the Sixth Street Bridge, before the bridge was torn down.

3. Rainy afternoon at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

4. Welcome to Downtown.

5. The view from the City Hall Observation Room in the late morning…

6. …and on a warm summer night.

7. Downtown from the Los Angeles State Historic Park.

8. Night game at Dodger Stadium.

9. Houses and a radio tower at Radio Hill Gardens.

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