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San Diego

I few days later I took the Pacific Surfliner down to San Diego for the day. I arrived at Union Station early and headed up to the platform in time to make a few sketches of the train. A train station is an excellent venue to practice perspective. I did a quick sketch of the scene outside the window right before departure, and another train car view. I made a few graphic notes of the ARTIC train station during a three minute stop and practiced a few 30 second speed sketches from the train as we approached San Diego.

After lunch I walked along the harbor area, sketching Anthony’s Fish Grotto (as it will soon be closing), and the Midway aircraft carrier. Downtown San Diego is still growing as the construction cranes indicate. I made my way back to the station in plenty of time to make a few studies of the architecture, the waiting room filled with travelers, and the action out on the platform. This series concludes with some sunset and nighttime images, drawn very quickly and of course, painted later.

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