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Sketching at the Airport

There are many opportunities to practice sketching. My sketchbook travels everywhere with me so it is always ready to go. Sitting in an airport waiting for a plane is the perfect time to get some work done. Airport subjects are both stationary and in motion so you can get some good speed sketching practice as well as some quiet reflective drawing. I work fast because before you know it, the parked plane starts up and backs out. These are some scenes done during a recent business trip I made to Houston. I always try to find a window seat in the waiting room, as well as on the plane. While I occasionally try to paint the scenes on location, I usually just get the pen drawing completed. I took a quick iPhone photo for reference and painted these in my hotel room that evening.

I used an Aquabee Super Deluxe sketchbook, a Sanford Uniball Micro pen, a Pentel Sign Pen, and Windsor & Newton half pans in a Cotman Field Sketchbox. For my location (non-studio) work, I use the portable Cotman Field Box. When I am in the studio, I use a Pike Palette with Holbein tube paint.

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