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I will be having an exhibit of my urban collages at Judson Studios in South Pasadena during the month of July. The show will feature 45 sketches and paintings of Los Angeles and Pasadena.

Like looking at a vintage art board paste-up or the collection of notes and sketches on an artist’s work table, this work celebrates the process of urban sketching and documentation. Study sketches, compositional explorations, field observations and watercolor paintings are all assembled into a single composition and mounted onto a cradled hardboard panel. The art describes the exciting urban landscapes, iconic architecture and landmarks of downtown Los Angeles and Pasadena, two of the artist’s favorite subjects. This exhibit features 45 collages and a 6’ x 8’ canvas Giclee in four panels of a pen and ink sketch of downtown Los Angeles as seen from the observation deck of City Hall.

The opening reception will be at 5:00pm at Judson studios, 143 Pasadena Avenue, South Pasadena, California. I hope to see you there!

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